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"Made by hand in the BUENO® kitchen with whole kernel white stone-ground corn."

The most authentic and best tasting tamales you can buy.

The Little Tamale Video

Get a quick glimpse into how we make our hand-made BUENO® tamales. Watch the premium ingredients prepared and the tamales assembled by hand.  Meet some of the delightful people including Berta who make them just for you!

Making New Mexican Food for Over 60 Years

Bueno Foods has been preparing authentic New Mexican food, made in small batches and with fresh ingredients, since 1951. The family-owned business is dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of our unique land by honoring the traditional foods and preparation techniques. We are proud to be served in your home and grateful for your patronage.

Tamalitos – Party-sized Tamales






That’s right, mini-tamales! These delights come in 30 packs and are perfect for gatherings and parties of all types. Trust us when we say that you will be the hit of the party.

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